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How to Go Green While Still Being Fashionable

Today there is a way for a person to still be fashionable while helping out the environment. How you can do that is to be conscious of your purchases that are fashion related. You can read on to find out on some ways on how you can go about this.

Buy Fashion Items From Thrift Shops and Donate Your Old Fashion Pieces There
If you want to change your wardrobe you can choose not to go straight to a department store in order to do so but instead buy from a thrift shop. You can score great friends there as long as you are willing to give the time to be able to find one. You get to save cash too from choosing to buy this way.
If you have clothes that you are not keen on wearing anymore then you can make a donation of those to the thrift shop.

Choose Clothes That Are Made of a Natural Fiber
There are some fibers that require more energy when they are made. When you use more fuel you put more stress on the environment. The fibers that are naturally occurring do not use as much fuel as the synthetic ones. This is the reason why when you choose this kind of fiber for your clothes you are helping the environment. One example of natural fiber is linen. Bamboo also happens to be a natural fiber.

Make Repairs on Your Shoes and Clothes
One sure way that you can do your part in saving the environment is to not to avoid buying. You can do this if you just choose to do make repairs on your shoes and clothes. You can choose to learn how to do repairs on these so that you can continue using them.

Learn the Skill of Sewing Clothes
Another thing that you can do to minimize your impact on the environment is to learn how to sew. When you know how to sew you can use your old clothes to turn them into new ones. You can use old cloth scraps for something new for example.

5. Purchase From Eco-Friendly Brands
If you want to be eco-friendly then you can do this by buying things that are also eco-friendly as well. You can easily search for such brands online. For example you can look for eco-friendly clothing stores that are available in your area.

6. Buy Local
One thing that can help you help the environment is to choose to buy from local stores. You see when you buy overseas your package will arrive in plastic. When you buy from a physical shop you can also choose to bring your own bag so that you save on bags used for wrapping purchases.

7. Find Something to Use From Your Wardrobe
You need not buy a new piece of clothing. You can look for something that can fit the purposes in your wardrobe.