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What are Window Blinds and Their Various Types

Homeowners generally place on the interior side of their windows a kind of window protectionwhich we call window blinds. Hiding the interior part of a place and to limit the ray of sunshine from entering the area are the normal uses of window blinds. Today, the market is selling various kinds of window blinds which we will describe briefly below.

The first type among the window blinds is called the Venetian blind, which is placed under the large category. Made from wide curved metal slats, which are the same to mini slats, the first Venetian blinds has curved, flat or elliptical shapes.

Placed under the category of mini blinds, the second type of window blind is the PVC or the Faux type. This type is usually prepared with the use of a solid or foamed poly vinyl chloride plastic. Know that the latest material that is used for blind slats nowadays is the PVC or faux. There are two surfaces that can be made of this kind of window blind, and these are smooth and embossed with wood grains. The color selection of this type of blind is limited with mostly white, although some are also made in the shade of wood tone.

The characteristics of PVC are its sturdiness, UV rays resistance and water proof. Further, PVC materials are easy to clean, however, the slat’s weight is much heavier in comparison to wood and composite slats, thus proving a disadvantage to this type of blind. Thus, there is a difficulty that will arise if you use this kind on large windows.

The third kind of window blinds are products of a mixture of wood materials and adhesive materials called the composite blinds. Considered as one of the best blinds, the composite is among the newest window coverings. The slats of this type has the surface made of either smooth poly coating or solid composite. Same as with PVC type, composite has limited color selections and are usually white and also similar in terms of quality. Note that the price range of composite is from low to medium priced, with some made of wood colors or stain colors.

The last kind of window blinds is the wood blind which is made out of real wood thus has its value. The material of the slats of the value wood blinds came from different Oriental hard wood, while the slats of the premium wood blinds were from Basswood which is an American hardwood.

Considered as the best window blinds are the wood blinds because they are great for matching your case goods and with windows’ stained moldings.

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